Getting the “Inside Scoop” on a Listing

December 13, 2021

Throughout the history of journalism, reporters would pride themselves on getting the “inside scoop” on a story. In fact, that’s where that expression came from.

So imagine you’re shopping for a new home and click on a listing online. Up comes all the property information. But, chances are, there is more to the story of that property than is presented in that listing. For example, you might want to know more about:

  • The empty field behind the home.
  • The addition that was added to the house. (Was it professionally done?)
  • What the neighbourhood is really like.
  • The age of the roof shingles. (Will they need to be replaced soon?)
  • Noise levels on weekends.
  • Upcoming new development that might change the character of the area.

Most property information listed on MLS and elsewhere is incomplete. There’s almost always more to the story of a listing than you can find online. And, even after viewing a listed property, you may still have lingering questions or concerns.

So, you’ll want to get the “inside scoop” and find out more. But how?

To get the inside scoop on a listing, call me. I can get the additional information you need on a property so that you can make a more informed decision.