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Fun Facts about Leap Day

Fun Facts about Leap Day There are lots of things you may already know about how Leap Day came to be, for instance that the Leap Year synchronizes our Gregorian Calendar with the Tropical Calendar (measured from one vernal or autumnal equinox to the next, or from one Summer or ...

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In the service of Peace…for 75 Years!

2023 marks the 75th anniversary of United Nations peacekeeping. We recognize and remember Canada’s long history of courage, service and sacrifice helping to defend and maintain peace around the world. More than 125,000 Canadian Armed Forces members have served in peacekeeping activities internationally. Leading up to a day of remembrance, ...

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Getting the “Inside Scoop” on a Listing

Throughout the history of journalism, reporters would pride themselves on getting the “inside scoop” on a story. In fact, that’s where that expression came from. So imagine you’re shopping for a new home and click on a listing online. Up comes all the property information. But, chances are, there is ...

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