8 Things Buyers Don’t Want to See in the Kitchen

When prospective buyers visit your listed home, the room they tend to check out most closely is the kitchen. So, it pays to ensure it looks its best. However, no matter how tidy, clean, and well-adorned you’ve made your kitchen, there are some issues — which can seem minor — ...

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Understanding How Your Local Market Works

When you read or watch the news about the real estate market, it may seem reasonable to make the assumption that the information applies equally to your street or community. But, that isn’t always true. In fact, the characteristics of your local real estate market can differ in many respects ...

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Upsizing or Downsizing? Don’t Overdo It!

Imagine you have a growing family, and you want to trade in the small sedan for something larger. So, you visit the dealership and come back with a bus. Well, that would be upsizing a bit too much – unless you have a really huge family! That’s the challenge of ...

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